Collection: 4” x 6” Plastic Event Badge (Double Sided)

    Key factors to consider when choosing an event badge:

    • Information: Assess the required information for clarity, ensuring legible text.
    • Size: Choose different badge sizes to indicate various roles at the event.
    • Event duration: For multi-day conferences, opt for larger badges to accommodate more details.
    • Attachment: Ensure compatibility with lanyards, clips, or badge holders.

    Badges Holders

    We have your back (and your badge) with our high-quality badge holders. Made with care, these sleeves come in single or double notch options, so you can choose what works best for you.


    A little more bling for your badge. Customized lanyards are the perfect combo of style and function to elevate your event badge.

    Not sure which badge is right for you?